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MB 250/80 Combination Safety Shower and Eyebath

MB 250/80 Combination Safety Shower and Eyebath

The MB 250/80 Combination Emergency Safety Shower / Body Shower or Drench Shower / Deluge Shower including Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain suitable for outdoor use (frost protected) and floor mounting. The insulated stand pipe is equipped with heat tracing (on request the tracing can be omited). This model has a 1¼” BSP standpipe and Floor mounting plate and is combined with the MB 80 Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain with Stainless Steel bowl and Stainless Steel hinged lid (including sign). The lid is at the same time the operation of the Eyebath (pull backwards up and the water starts running). When the lid is pulled back and closed the eyebath stops automatically. Because of this hinged lid the Eyebath remains clean and hygienic. The Eyebath is equipped with diffusers (optional supplemented with black rubber Eye cups). These diffusers give a gentle aerated soft spray pattern which feels pleasant for the eyes. A drain is present on the bowl of the Eyebath. Also a  Flow regulator is present on the unit in order to achieve a good spraying pattern. The Eyebath drains automatically empty after usage. Standard we have a bottom water inlet, but this can be changed to any position you require. Special Shower head (spray angle 60° and gives rotation to the water) for an effective and efficient operation. Stainless Steel operation Pull rod for Body shower activation. This model is frost protected up to and including -30°C, at your request it is also possible to obtain a model suitable for lower temperatures. Minimum water pressure is 2 bar. 

Highlighted product options

There is also the possibility to protect the water supply pipe against frost with the extra tracing or the MB 700. Click on the product options below for more information.

Click on the blue button to see a unique and detailed interactive 3d model of the MB 250 serie. With this you can have a 360 degrees view of the MB 250 series and the most relevant product options.

Click on the red button to view our instruction video of the MB 250/50 in which we explain how the MB 250/50 is installed and used.

  • Water connection: 1¼” BSP Female or different on your request
  • water pressure 2 bar
  • Body Shower water supply: 60 or 80 liter per minute
  • Eyebath water supply: 12 liter per minute
  • manual operation
  • color: different colors
  • material: galvanized steel, Stainless Steel, brass, plastic
  • Frost protected up to and including -30°C
  •  Floor mounting plate 230x230 mm, holes 4xø15 mm H.t.H. 180 mm
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154  & ANSI Z 358.1
Extra options: 
  • foot pedal
  • proximity switch
  • automatic flushing unit
  • cabin / booth
  • flow regulator
  • filters
  • light
  • sign
  • hand held shower
  • black rubber eye cups
  • heater
  • Y-strainer filter
  • mixing valve
  • panel type foot control
  • thermostat
  • frost free connection piece MB 700
  • more options on request
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fax. +31 (0)299 684374

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